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Edward Cassavant

Vice Chair / Vice President

Edward Cassavant, Vice Chair, is the father of Bradley Lucas Cassavant of whom this foundation was created in memory of. He is one of the founders, along with his beautiful wife Elissa, to have started up the Team Bradley Bear Foundation.

Edward graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Global Business with a focus in Marketing. Edward took his degree along with his “on the job” upbringing in the family business to help develop that small family business into a mid-market size business that it is today. Edward devoted over 20 years to the growth and business development of the company. In 2020, he decided it was time for a change as there was a strong calling for him to use his talents and abilities for more philanthropic rewarding work. As a result, he stepped away from the operations side of the business to focus on Team Bradley Bear growth and making bigger impacts to assist more families in our community and across the country.

Since making the change from private/for profit to the non-profit sector, Edward also enjoys volunteering his time as Coach for his 3 beautiful daughters in soccer, basketball and softball as well as helping out with their school functions.

Edward Cassavant
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